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How to Create a Good SEO Strategy for Business

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When it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy for tow truck or any other business, it is never enough to just create content around keywords that customers are searching for. You need to have an all-inclusive SEO strategy. SEO strategy involves the process of organizing the content of a website by topic. Doing so helps search engines such as Google understand user intent while searching.

When you optimize a web page around topics, you benefit from having your site rank faster. Here is how to come with an SEO content strategy;

Make a list of topics

Keywords are at the heart of SEO. The first step is to make a list a list of topics you would like to cover from one month to the next. Compile a list of short terms that are associated with your products and services. You can use an SEO tool to identify their search volumes and come up with varieties that make sense for your business. Make a list of long-tail keywords as well to cover people with different interests.

Build pages for each topic

When it comes to website ranking in search engines, you need to get a page to rank for a handful of keywords. Take the 10 pillar topics you came up with in the first step and create pages for each.  Use the keywords you have to determine how many different pillar pages you should create. The number of topics for which you create pillar pages should be related to the number of products, offerings, and locations for your business. Doing so should make it easier for your prospects and customers to find on search engines.

Set up a blog

Blogging presents an incredible way of ranking on keywords and engaging with the users of your website. Every blog post you create gives you a chance to interact with your customers and rank higher on search engines. When creating content, base it on keywords that are most searched based on the analysis you made. Additionally, link out the pillar page you create on this topic. When everything is well set out, publish each blog content.

Blog Frequently

You need to blog each week to develop page authority. There is a lot of value in writing about tangential topics that your customers care about to give your website authority in front of Google. Doing so will help Google give extra attention to your website, which is all good for ranking. Make it a habit to blog often, and remember you are blogging purely for your audience and not search engines. Write about all the things your audience and prospects are interested in and ensure you include relevant keywords appropriately.

Have a Link Building Plan

You need to have in plan a strategy to build links. Link building defines the process of attracting inbound links also known as backlinks to your website from anywhere on the web. The more pages that link to a website, the more authority that the website has on the search engine. Dedicate some time to brainstorm on all the different ways you can attract links to your website.