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Top Things Sabotaging Your Financial Growth

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moneyFinancial planning experts tell us that our capacity to achieve financial growth is huge, but there are some things that make us fall into financial uncertainties that slow our growth. Sometimes, lack of planning can sabotage our own efforts, as I can explain this due to some struggles I encountered on pressure washing business. If you do not have a well-thought plan, and you are constantly lamenting, you are probably going to sabotage your financial progress.

Here are top of the things sabotaging your financial growth.


Lifestyle inflation

Increased income does not necessarily make you have an improved financial situation. They say more money may lead to more problems. If you are not careful, as your wallet grows, so does your spending. Lifestyle inflation may sabotage your financial goals in that you do not actually become richer. However, your debts and toys become more expensive, and stay in the same level or even worse.


Failure to Sacrifice

Sometimes, we face a lot of financial difficulties and instead of taking the right action and addressing the situation, we engage ourselves in ridiculous spending that worsens the situation. A good example is how some people buy ridiculously expensive car while at the same time facing massive problems making regular payments. When we have to make certain progress in life, we must be willing to make certain sacrifices.


Not Addressing Problems

Sometimes, when we are faced with huge financial problems, we tend to bury our heads in the sand and pretend problems will go away. Days and weeks may pass and the problem may become worse. If you do not take action on the current problems you are facing, there is not magic that will happen and things will still remain the same or worse. You need to deal with the issues that are sabotaging your financial growth.


Living a Fake Life

One of the reasons people do not progress financially is because they try too hard to keep up with the lifestyle of their neighbors and friends, and this might be their biggest undoing. Having friends and others in your circle who live large can make it much harder on your finances. If you end up in a situation whereby you are spending too much than what you can comfortably afford, you are bound to suffer. When it comes to money, try and avoid comparing yourself to others and do your level best to live within your means.

Living in Debt

One of the biggest issues sabotaging your financial progress is using debt as an extension of your income. A lot of people think debt is evil, however, it is possible to use debt to your advantage, especially if you are using it to start or expand your business. However, debt becomes a problem when you use it without a careful plan. Instead of using debt as an extension of your income, do not live in fantasy and instead use debt sparingly. When it comes to shopping, avoid impulse buying of anything that comes to your sight.